The Story


There’s no secret formula for recovering from bad life, sadness, pain, or betrayal. But, if we take steps every day to move forward, therefore we will find ourselves  changing, growing, and becoming a better we.

As a social creature, people are wired to connect and love naturally. That’s why they keep coming back, despite bittersweet and losses. We believe that every day is a gift from God, hence life is too short to be wasted away with nothing good on it.

Indeed, there’s always disparity in harmony.

But, when we find connection over a common values and experiences each other, we always have the reason to get along and care the people or someone in a passionate way. On the other hand, some people are just passing through to teach us some lessons in life.

Believing the best of what’s to come will create a life that has greater meaning. Realizing the fact that we’ll never get the same moment twice. Cause one day we’ll just be a memory to some people who really know us. So, how do you want those people remember you?



Sagu Hati is synonymous with “tanda mata” or “giveaway” offers simple yet playful aesthetic illustrated goods. We work especially on personalized invitation and favors for your beloved relatives in a special moment. Based on the favor’s history and culture, as a human being we are wired to connect. These collections are mostly inspired by identity, interests, and experiences in our daily life which translate into one of a kind symbol patterns.



Sagu Hati seeks to not only place souvenir as an object, but also as a symbol of kinship in shaping happiness and well being. Hope that people are willing to feel it, keep it and use it. The basic design concepts tell about how human perceive their identity through any symbols to develop, communicating knowledge, and being of the life that should be remembered endlessly. We appreciate the process of remembering what has been learned. Every memory or event, good or bad, is in some way conspiring to help and makes us today.


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