Personalized wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, hampers

Fashion accessories, stationery include standard packaging & thank you card

Catalogue of choices and custom favors (please the details if any)

If you order less than minimum order, we will charge more expensive

Yes dakota, wahana, jne trucking (give the details if any)

Yes (please give details if any)

Meeting or sample viewing are largely by appointment only for Jabodetabek area (give the
details if you want our visit)

No. Before we ship the items to clients, we will do some quality control and standardized packaging at office/workshop. So,
we make sure the items are significantly in good condition.

We’re sorry to hear that. But you should look for the client replacement or the down payment
will be forfeited.

The delivery usually takes 3-7 business days after all the orders have been completed

Sagu Hati offers simple yet playful aesthetic illustrated goods. We work with some fantastic
designers/illustrators to provide special favors for your beloved relatives. Our team also inform
you every single step of progress. So, do not worry for being abandoned 

2-3 months in prior to the wedding or event

50% after confirmation of contract, and the rest upon the final delivery

You can send email to mysaguhati@gmail.com/hello@saguhati.id or click the button inquires
at shop page. We’ll respond you as soon as possible.

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